Boston Marathon Intro

The Boston Marathon, established in 1897, is revered as one of the oldest annual marathons and a cornerstone of the World Marathon Majors. With a rich history that intertwines with the very fabric of long-distance running, this iconic event sets itself apart not only by its longevity but also by its challenging, undulating course and stringent qualification standards. The energy of the spirited spectators who line the course each April, the dreaded ascent of Heartbreak Hill, and the storied stretch to the finish on Boylston Street, all make the Boston Marathon a unique and coveted experience for runners worldwide.

The Boston Marathon is not just any race; it's a legendary event that draws runners from around the world to test their limits on a historic and challenging course. From the early downhill miles to the iconic finish line, each section of the course has its own unique character and challenges. In this guide, we'll take a look at everything about the Boston Marathon, including a deep dive on the course, highlighting key landmarks, strategies, and the incredible spirit of this prestigious race.