Chicago Marathon Neighborhoods

The starting location for the Chicago Marathon is Grant Park. Situated in the heart of downtown Chicago, it's a stunning park that spans over 300 acres and provides a beautiful backdrop to kick off the race. Grant Park not only offers an ideal starting point for the marathon but is also surrounded by several neighborhoods that are excellent choices for accommodation and dining. One such area is the Loop, Chicago's central business district, which offers a myriad of hotel options, ranging from luxurious to budget-friendly. The Loop is also home to many renowned restaurants, cafés, and bars, ensuring plenty of dining options for both pre-race carb-loading and post-race celebrations. Another great neighborhood to stay in is Streeterville, located just north of Grant Park. It features a range of hotels and puts you within walking distance of the starting location. Additionally, it is close to Navy Pier, a popular tourist attraction with various entertainment options. Several well-connected transportation options exist to reach Grant Park on race day, including the city's public transportation system and ride-sharing services. Moreover, many hotels in downtown Chicago provide shuttles specifically for marathon participants, further facilitating easy access to the starting location.