Los Angeles Marathon Course

The Los Angeles Marathon course showcases a mix of urban scenery and natural landscapes, providing a diverse and captivating route for participants. The race starts in downtown Los Angeles, offering a bustling city atmosphere before runners embark on their journey. The first half of the course is relatively flat, allowing participants to find their stride and settle into a comfortable rhythm. As runners venture through Hollywood and West Hollywood, they will be surrounded by iconic landmarks and the vibrant energy of these famous neighborhoods.

Entering into the second half of the race, the course becomes more challenging, as runners encounter rolling hills in the area of Beverly Hills. The uphill sections can test the runners' endurance and require strategic pacing to conserve energy for the remaining miles. As the course winds its way through West Los Angeles, participants will enjoy the scenic views along San Vicente Boulevard, nestled between beautiful residential communities.

The final stretch of the Los Angeles Marathon leads runners back into downtown Los Angeles, where they can draw inspiration from the towering skyscrapers as they approach the finish line. The closing miles are relatively flat, allowing participants to muster up their last burst of energy and sprint towards the grand finale. Overall, the Los Angeles Marathon course offers a balanced mix of flat and hilly sections, providing a challenging yet rewarding experience for all participants.