Marine Corps Marathon Course

The Marine Corps Marathon is held annually in Arlington, Virginia, and is known for its scenic course along the Potomac River and through iconic landmarks of Washington, D.C. The race kicks off at the Pentagon and begins with a relatively flat and fast start, allowing runners to settle into a rhythm. As the course progresses into the first half, participants will encounter rolling hills and slight inclines, providing both a challenge and a chance to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Notably, runners pass through Georgetown, a historic neighborhood known for its charming streets and bustling atmosphere. Moving into the second half, the course continues to feature rolling terrain, including the infamous "Beat the Bridge" section, where runners must maintain a good pace to cross the 14th Street Bridge before the cut-off time. The final stretch of the marathon takes participants through the National Mall, offering inspiring views of the Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, and Washington Monument. As runners approach the finish line, they experience a sense of triumph as they pass the Marine Corps War Memorial, commonly known as the Iwo Jima Memorial. The course presents a unique combination of challenges, including varying terrain, iconic landmarks, and scenic routes, ensuring a memorable and rewarding race experience for participants.