Twin Cities Marathon Course

The Twin Cities Marathon takes place in Minneapolis and St. Paul, both cities located in Minnesota. The race course can be described as moderately hilly and showcases the natural beauty of the Twin Cities. The race starts near U.S. Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis, offering a vibrant urban atmosphere as runners set off.

In the first half of the race, participants navigate through Minneapolis, moving along the Mississippi River. The course winds through scenic neighborhoods and features some rolling hills. One notable part of the first half is the stretch along Lake Nokomis, where runners are greeted by picturesque views of the lake and surrounding greenery. This section offers a slight elevation change and introduces runners to the hilly nature of the course.

As the race progresses into the second half, the course crosses over the Mississippi River into St. Paul. Here, runners encounter a more challenging portion known as Summit Avenue. This section is a highlight of the race and also a demanding test, as it features a significant uphill climb. Summit Avenue is lined with beautiful historic homes and provides a unique and picturesque backdrop to the race.

The final miles of the Twin Cities Marathon lead participants back towards downtown St. Paul, culminating in an exciting finish near the State Capitol building. As runners make their way through the final stretch, they are greeted by enthusiastic crowds cheering them on to the finish line.

Overall, the Twin Cities Marathon course offers a mix of urban and natural settings, with moderate hills throughout. The challenging features like Summit Avenue provide a test of endurance, while the scenery and support from the cheering spectators make for an unforgettable marathon experience.